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Tax control
Tax system
The significant strengthening of tax control and the increasing demand from owners for business transparency requires management attention to issues of corporate taxation. This is particularly important in light of highly dynamic nature of tax legislation. The inability to efficiently incorporate accounting developments and policies leads to increased tax costs, errors in accounting and financial reporting and disputes with regulatory authorities.
The national tax system is characterised by a fairly high tax burden. Our experience shows that most companies' tax expenses form a significant element of the cost structure or distribution cost (an average of 10% to 40%, depending on the industry). Thus, taxes are considerable but manageable expense. Quality and professional consulting is an essential condition for prudent management of tax expenditures of an enterprise.
In order to minimise tax risks and avoid unanticipated expenses, regular tax reviews should be conducted to ensure the accuracy of tax and levy calculations as well as the quality of tax administration.

To meet our clients' expectations and achieve an adequateand accurate understanding of their tax position, we follow a customised approach to our tax reviews. The advantage of an expert assessment by our company tax team is the provision of a well-argued legal position on every business aspect of our client.

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