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Accounting of certain financial and accounting functions allows management of companies to focus on core business activities that require greater attention.
  • Accounting advisory and outsourcing
  • Independent physical verification of assets and liabilities
  • Preparation and transformation of financial statements
  • Outstaffing
  • Payroll and actuarial consulting
Market challenges
• Lack of available resource to support your growing accounting needs;
• Managing multiple providers;
• Inconsistent management reporting;
• Inefficient finance functions operating without control or governance;
• Inflexible solutions that are slow to reflect your changing business requirements;
• Lack of visibility.
How can we help you:
Currently, a growing number of companies increase their operating efficiency through optimizing their business processes. Outsourcing of certain financial and accounting functions allows management of companies to focus on core business activities that require greater attention.
We provide financial and accounting outsourcing services for companies operating in Tajikistan and abroad. Outsourcing services allow to gain a deeper understanding of costs, revenues and opportunities. To achieve this goal, we provide companies with objective commercial advice that helps improve their efficiency, increase profits, manage information and minimize risks.

We can also help companies integrate and standardize accounting processes, ensuring compliance of those processes with statutory obligations. This allows to effectively manage information, making more informed business decisions.
Engaging our Team, will allow you to reduce costs of routine office or accounting processes, saving time and resources for key staff to focus on the business development and growth.
We will assist you in maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of the accounting function. We will share with you a wealth of audit experience in the sector in which your company operates. We will offer expert and adequate solutions in new, non-standard and challenging situations.

• TAS advisory services;
• Development of accounting policies, the chart of accounts and tables of accounting entries;
• On-line advisory services on TAS application;
• IFRS & GAAP advisory services;
• Development of a methodological base (accounting policies, the chart of accounts, tables of accounting entries, transformation and consolidation procedures, harmonization of all types of accounting with IFRS , parallel accounting methods);
• On-line advisory services on IFRS application;
• Outstaffing;
• Tax accounting (preparation and submission of reports; out-of-court negotiations and dispute resolution with authorities).
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+992 400 900 900
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