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about us
The history of our formation is a vivid example of a rapid response to constantly changing market conditions and customer needs. Our organization was established in 2005 under the brand name "Asian Business Group", when progressive-minded leading lawyers came together to share and expand their knowledge, as well as to support transnational operations and clients.

The beginning of the activity of our organization in the modern world structure was laid in 2011, when we became part of the BDO International, called BDO Tajikistan. It is worth noting that along with the use of a new logo and a global brand, our organization has combined local expertise with international experience and the strength of an international network. This move to a single global name demonstrates our commitment to serving customers at the same high level and competing successfully in the international arena.

Since 2020, our company is called LLC "Tax and legal advisers" and is collaborating with Andersen Global in Tajikistan
Tax & Legal
Our clients
Tax & Legal Advisers serves leading companies in all sectors of the economy, including multinational corporations and world's leading financial institutions, which vary in size and ownership structure.
Why choose us?
Knowledge base
Unique methodology for providing professional services and extensive database of customized solutions.
Vast experience in supporting growing national companies.
Concept of providing services to the client that involves the direct involvement of partners in addressing client problems.
Highly-qualified professionals with significant industry experience having national and international qualifications.
Our Core Values
We remain independent, striving to maintain the highest level of trust, integrity and professionalism.
Client Focus
To maximize the value of our services, we try to fully understand our client's requirements and goals, including safeguarding the security and confidentiality.
To seek, share and respect diverse perspectives and to function as a team with our colleagues, clients and third-party providers.
We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our clients and to help the company win.